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The Orchid Societies Council of Victoria (Australia) Inc. has a limited number of Conference badges left over from the '93 and '96 Victorian Orchid Conferences. These are now being made available for purchase by orchid badge collectors. These can also be obtained from our Promotions Officer.

This badge is the same as the 1993  participant's   badge below  but has purple replacing the blue background.
The 1993 Conference badge depicts the Australian native Sarcochilus orchid.

The roots of the orchid spread out across Victoria to each of the OSCOV member societies.

Price is $7.50

The 1996 Conference badge is of similar design with colours as shown.

Price is $7.50

OSCOV also has 4 only participant’s badges from the 1993 conference. These are the same design as the purple badge above with a blue background instead.

Price is $25.00

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