About the Orchid Societies Council of Victoria

The Orchid Societies Council of Victoria Inc. (OSCOV) was formed in April 1992 in response to the need for Victoria, Australia to have a truly representative body to co-ordinate and assist the activities of various Victorian orchid societies and to act as a forum at state level.  OSCOV currently has 30 member societies.  These societies are equal members under the OSCOV umbrella.

The OSCOV Judging Panel has its own judging rules and its own set of OSCOV awards.  It also confers a number of Victorian Orchid of the Year Awards annually.  The Judging Panel and its members are recognised world-wide.

OSCOV is actively involved in the preparation of papers and publications on various aspects of Orchid culture for its member societies.  It also supplies DVD programs that may be used at monthly meetings.  It has a panel of speakers with the expert knowledge of all aspects of orchid culture, and these people regularly visit member societies to present the society’s item of the evening.


OSCOV is an association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic.).  The organisation is managed by an Executive comprised of various elected officers, ex officio members and general committee members.  The members of OSCOV are the affiliated orchid societies, each of which is also an incorporated association.

OSCOV is a not-for-profit body which exists to support its members.

What we do

OSCOV’s primary activities include the following:

  •   Maintaining a Judging Panel for the judging of all types of orchids at society monthly meetings, society shows and also award judging.
  •   Running the OSCOV Melbourne Orchid Spectacular – this event is truly spectacular, and it is the largest annual orchid show in the Southern Hemisphere.
  •   Co-ordinating a ‘speakers list’ of members of the OSCOV community who can be requested to attend society meetings (including non-OSCOV clubs and general garden clubs) to present on orchid-related matters.
  •   Administering a webpage for each OSCOV affiliated society within this website.


The members of the OSCOV Executive are:

Michael J. Coker


0417 334 232

[email protected]

Barry Larkin

Vice President

03 5978 7024

[email protected]

Cliff Ireland

Vice President

0407 689 134

[email protected]

Leo Orland


0419 884 492

[email protected]

Alan Baker


0413 599 368

[email protected]

Andre Cleghorn

Conservation Officer

03 9584 2087

[email protected]

Glenda Coutts


0448 913 155

[email protected]

Gordon Young

Liaison Officer

0477 528 893

[email protected]

Stephen Early

General Committee

03 9786 193

[email protected]

Denis Oliver

General Committee

0497 548 241

[email protected]

Margaret Thomas

General Committee

0429 363 584

[email protected]

Marita Anderson

General Committee

0457 721 034

[email protected]