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Acceptable Use Policy

Basic Principles

The purpose of the OSCOV website is to promote the growing of orchids and it is not to be used to promote the commercial activities of organisations or individuals or to be used in any negative way.

General Rules

  • OSCOV will pay the costs of setting up the website as well as setting up areas for all member societies. Societies areas are under the control of members free of charge as long as their use does not conflict with this policy.
  • No commercial organisation or individual and their commercial activities shall be promoted on this site except where permitted within these rule.
  • OSCOV can provide links to a commercial site and may charge sponsors for this link. Societies are also entitled to thank sponsors of their society, link to their websites in the same way from their pages.
  • OSCOV and Member Societies can on their pages promote activities at commercial organisations but not other commercial activities of those organisations where the club is not heavily involved. (eg OSCOV can promote the show at Collectors, and Yarra Valley may promote their Winter Miracles Show at B&T Ferns but neither could promote a sales day at these organisations.)
  • Commercial organisations and individuals are welcome to answer queries on the Discussion Forum but shall not use this to promote general sales or commercial events.
  • Clubs cannot sublet their web space to anyone.
  • No comments are to be made anywhere on the web site which can be taken as offensive or unnecessarily negative.
  • The Internet Officer may take whatever action he sees fit to see these rules are enforced though this action where necessary should be later ratified by the OSCOV executive.

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