OSCOV Melbourne Orchid Spectacular 2021 – update @ 18.7.21

OSCOV is pleased to report that planning for the 2021 OSCOV Show is proceeding.  Invitations to Vendors and Clubs to participate in this year’s event have been sent and the response from Vendors and Clubs has been overwhelmingly positive – we expect that the Show will be as large and spectacular as ever.  Of course, it is possible that covid restrictions applicable at the time will prevent the Show being held, or require it to close early, but at this stage, we hope it will be able to run its full course.  There will be covid rules in place at the event, including a cap of 1,000 attendees per day, so make sure you come as early as possible (because if we reach 1,000 attendees on any day, we will not be able to admit any more people on that day)!  More updates will be posted here and on Facebook as the 6 weeks remaining until the Show opens count down.