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Champion and Display Results - 2015

Grand Champion Display of the Show
Yarra Valley Orchid Society


Reserve Champion Display of the Show
North East Melbourne Orchid Society


Champion Orchid of the Show
Cymbidium Drouin Masterpiece 'Kaleidoscope'
A Tran

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Reserve Champion Orchid of the Show
Dendrobium Essie Banks
Devon Meadows Orchids


Gerald McCraith Memorial Champion Species of the Show
Chysis bractescens
B&P Turmine


Most Outstanding Exhibit - Celebrity Choice
Australian Native Orchid Society (Victoria)

President's Choice
Aerangis rhodostichta
M&B Matthews

Champion Cymbidium - Large Flower - Hybrid
Cymbidium Hypno Beauty x Pepper Blaze
T Poulton


Champion Cymbidium - Medium Flower - Hybrid
Cymbidium Drouin Masterpiece 'Kaleidoscope'
A Tran


Champion Cymbidium - Small Flower - Hybrid
Cymbidium Templestowe Opel 'Heart on Fire'
A Tran


Champion Laeliinae - Large Flowered - Hybrid
Blc. Island Charm x Lynn Spencer
J Richards


Champion Laeliinae -Medium Flowered - Hybrid
Albert Hollingsworth x Ctna Keith Roth
J Richards


Champion Laeliinae - Small Flowered - Hybrid
Cattleya Mango Spice
P Churchus

Champion Oncidiinae Alliance
Odcdm. Ibers 'Gold Dragon'
D Oliver

Champion Paphiopedilum Species
Paphiopedilum insigne
R James


Champion Paphiopedilum Hybrid
Paphiopedilum malipoense x micranthum
M Coker


Champion Australian Native Orchid Species
Dendrobium speciosum 'Daylight Moon'
M Harding & D Lester


Champion Australian Native Orchid Hybrid
Dendrobium Hamilton 'Vicki'
P Crech


Champion Australian Native Orchid Specimen
Dendrobium Tania
J Dunn


Champion Masdevallia Hybrid
Masdevallia Rein Touch 'Tangerine Tower'
M Anderson & C Waterman


Champion Species Orchid (not otherwise listed)
Chysis bractescens
B&P Turmine


Champion Specimen Orchid (species or hybrid)
Cymbidium Kimberley Splash 'TeePee
T Poulton


Champion Miniature Growing and Flowering Specimen
Aergs. rhodosticta
M&B Matthews


Champion Hybrid Orchid (not otherwise listed)
Lyc. Wyong 'Powder Puff'
M Coker


Champion Seedling Shown First Time
Cymbidium Hypno Beauty x Pepper Blaze
T Poulton

Champion Orchid by a Junior Grower
Paph. Leeanum
C Freeman

Champion Large Display
Yarra Valley Orchid Society


2nd Place Large Display
Mornington Peninsula Orchid Society


3rd Place Large Display
Gippsland Orchid Society


Champion Medium Display
North East Melbourne Orchid Society

2nd Place Medium Display
Western Districts Orchid Societies


3rd Place Medium Display
Ringwood Orchid Society


Champion Small Display
Dandenong and Districts Orchid Club


2nd Place Small Display
Bendigo Orchid Society


3rd Place Small Display
South Gippsland Orchid Society


Champion Display by a Specialist Society
Orchid Species Society of Victoria


Most Innovative Display
Botanic Ridge Orchids Australia


Champion Display
The Hanging Garden

Champion Cymbidium
Cymbidium O'Beaston 'Brownie'
David Wain Orchids
Champion Laeliinea Alliance
C. Dal's Choice 'Castle Bend'     
Castle Creek Orchids 
Champion Australian Native
Dendrobium Essie Banks
The Hanging Garden     

Champion Any Other
Masdevalia Stripe King 'Beenak'
Mt Beenak Orchids


Champion Seedling Flowering for the First Time
C. Dal's Choice x Rsc Burdekin Dowry
Castle Creek Orchids




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