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There are a number of very good forums available on the web. Some of those, including Facebook, are listed below.

Australian Native Orchids.

An open Australian Facebook forum. This is an 'Open Group' to encourage novice members to discuss the growing of AUSTRALIAN NATIVE ORCHIDS with experienced growers who are willing to share their knowledge and tips.

Orchid Growers Australia.

An open Australian Facebook forum. This group is for the discussion of growing orchids and also to showcase all species and hybrid orchids.

Orchid Species Journal.

An open Australian Facebook forum. Orchid Species Journal is dedicated talk about orchid species/natural hybrids, conservation, nomenclature; and preservation in collections.

Orchids Online.

An Australian forum with a good range of orchid discussions, pictures etc.

Orchid Board.

Claimed to be the most complete orchid forum on the web. Lots of different threads and discussions. (Make sure you adjust seasonal information as I would suspect that the majority of members are from Northern hemisphere.)



NOTE. This page is still under construction. More forum links (including non Facebook) will be added including international. (Suggestions are welcome. To Barry Larkin, Vice Pres. via the Contacts page at http://www.oscov.asn.au/contact.html Please include a brief reason why you think the particular forum should be included.)




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