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Victorian Orchids of the Year - 2001


Victorian Orchid of the Year
Victorian Other Species of the Year

Maxillaria sanderiana 'Tahlee' AM/OSCOV CC/OSCOV,
D Weise

Victorian Cultural Certificate of the Year and the Memoria Gunter Haar Memorial Award
Sarcochilus hartmannii 'Anurat' CC/OSCOV, L Perryman
Victorian Seedling of the Year and Florence Coker Award
Victorian Paphiopedilum Hybrid of the Year
Paphiopedilum Raisin Candy 'Castle Creek' HCC/OSCOV Castle Creek Orchids

Victorian Australian Native Orchid of the Year and the Mornington Peninsula Orchid Society Award
Sarcochilus George Colthup 'Ethereal' HCC/OSCOV,
B&L Milligan

Victorian Award of Distinction of the Year
Sarcochilus Roy Gill 'Spotty' AD/OSCOV, R Wooton
Victorian Award of Quality of the Year
Cymbidium Ruby Valley AQ/OSCOV, A&J Leamon

Victorian Cattleya of the Year
 Brassolaeliocattleya Dundas 'Olga' AM/OSCOV,
Castle Creek Orchids

Victorian Cymbidium of the Year & J Jezierski Award
Cymbidium One Tree Hill 'Beenak' HCC/OSCOV,
T Poulton
Victorian Masdevallia of the Year
Masdevallia coccinea var. alba 'Goodwood' HCC/OSCOV T&M Elgood
Victorian Paphiopedilum Species of the Year
Paphiopedilum insigne 'Norman' HCC/OSCOV CC/OSCOV N Williams
Victorian Any Other Hybrid Orchid of the Year
Dendrobium Memoria Christobel's Glory 'Garfield' HCC/OSCOV, K Rama


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